Monday, December 20, 2010

Unsupported Operation Episode 23

Unsupported Operation Episode 23 (mp3)

Java / Tools




  • GPars 0.11 released
  • Groovy 1.7.6 released - moved to JUnit 4.8.2 and IVY 2.2.0, some testing done with Java 7 builds


  • MINA - their NIO protocol stack went 2.0.2, mostly around bugs (but these kinds of bugs tend to be difficult)
  • JackRabbit 2.2.0, interesting they switched to logback (from logs) as their default but use sl4fj
  • Derby
  • UIMA - component architecture and framework for the analysis of unstructured content like text, video and audio data - hits 2.3.1


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Unsupported Operation Episode 22

Unsupported Operation Episode 22.

Java / Tools



  • Groovy ++ released, accepted that it needs to be Groovy rather than Groovy/Java mix
  • Peter Niederweiser of Spock fame joins Gradle team
  • Groovy 1.7.5 feature gets around not being able to exit from closures in a loop (findResult)




  • Android 2.3 released to developers, first device (Nexus-S) ships on Dec 16th in US, Nexus 1 should start rolling out soon according to the team
  • New Maps app with 3d buildings and stuff for new 2.3 release
  • New Marketplace - returning the app for refund drops from 24 hrs to 15 mins!!


  • Amazon Releases S3 Large Object storage now allows objects up to 5Tb in size

Monday, November 29, 2010

Unsupported Operation Episode 20

Episode 20 (mp3).


Java and Tools



  • Oracle tsks everyone who voted against Hologic (Henriks post)
  • Apache responds by saying if the JCP Eecuutive doesn’t re-confirm the requirement by Oracle (which
    Oracle itself supported before buying Sun) to get an unencumbered TCK then it will leave the JCP
  • Kirk Pepperdine responds that Apache
    (a non profit organisation funded by (among others) Microsoft and IBM, but not Oracle) should sue them
    and then proceeds to say what good guys the ex-Sun now-Oracle guys are (which has nothing to do with the
    first part of his email), completely ignoring that Oracle is a company first and people second.
  • Oracle and Apple announce Apple is “joining” the OpenJDK
    and providing the source for its jdk. Please note the reference to Apple’s “magical iPad” on the press release page.
    This brings to three the big players in OpenJDK - Oracle(Sun), Apple and IBM.
  • Google fires back at Oracle in the lawsuit reaffirming the patents are invalid and specifying the source code Oracle
    provides as proof of copyright violation is (a) missing the header information and (b) not committed to Android by
    itself (Google). Google refers to Sun’s violation of TCK terms and thus scuppering of Apache Harmony’s ability to
    be a recognized Java implementation in its brief.



  • Groovy ++ marches towards 0.5


Theme music is “Emotional Upgrade” by John Zeeley, used under Creative Commons.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Unsupported Operation 17

Unsupported Operation Episode (mp3) 17

Theme music is “Emotional Upgrade” by John Zeeley, used under Creative Commons.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Unsupported Operation 16

Unsupported Operation 16

It’s been a few weeks since the last Unsupported Operation, but we’re back with another set of news and views (mp3).






  • AquaFold 9 - new Open APIs
  • Eclipse Virgo Milestone 5 - Milestone 5 of Eclipse Virgo 2.1.0 is available from the download page. We plan to ship the 2.1.0 release by the end of October. Highlights of this milestone:
    • Upgrade Equinox to 3.6.1
    • Remove unnecessary bundles from kernel and shrink the classpath
    • Distinguish more clearly between kernel and web server in documentation
    • Bug 325334: Import-Bundle of fragment that does not specify bundle version range
    • Rename service scoping control property
    • Various diagnostic improvements
    • Improve permission handling in Windows startup scripts and document a workaround
    • Add empty pickup directory to kernel zip
    • Various minor improvements
  • Netbeans 6.10 renamed to Netbeans 7.0


  • Maven 3
  • Maven Release Plugin 2.1
  • Maven Assembly Plugin 2.2
  • Maven Antrun Plugin 1.6
  • Maven Common Artifact Filters 1.3
  • Maven Java EE 6 archetypes 1.2 released
  • Maven Checkstyle Plugin 2.6
  • Maven Linkcheck Plugin 1.0.1
  • Apache Wicket 1.4.12 released, this release brings a fix to a critical bug which prevented ajax form submits in FireFox.
  • Apache Wicket 1.5-M2.1 - This is the second milestone of the new 1.5.x Wicket series. The focus of 1.5.x is to provide our users with a more powerful and flexible request processing pipeline. This release is NOT production-ready, it is more of a technology demo that should facilitate user-feedback we can fold into the next milestone. New and noteworthy items in this milestone include Inter-component event mechanism which allows components to communicate in a decoupled fashion, and improved resource caching.
  • Apache Buildr 1.4.3 released, addressed a critical fault where zip/jars could be corrupted, but a whole lot of other changes as well. Buildr is a cross between Ant and Maven, like Gradle, but written in Ruby
  • Apache Derby released
    • Derby is a slow as buggery Java RDBMS that is included in JDK6
    • This release addresses a data corruption issue for unique index corruption. Existing unique nullable constraints may need to be repaired [1].
      Users may also want to consider the recently found upgrade issue regarding triggers[2].
    • Adds in localization for new messages created in 10.6
    • Derby is used in Glassfish
  • Apache CXF 2.3.0 finally released - Lots in this release, probably biggest for me is @WSDLDocumentation. What’s new in CXF 2.3.0:
    • JAX-WS 2.2 Compliant (passes TCK)
    • JAX-RS 1.1 Compliant (passes TCK)
    • New annotations for Java first use cases to reduce the need for external configuration and provide more control over the runtime and generated WSDL
    • @WSDLDocumentation annotation to add documentation nodes to generated wsdl
    • @SchemaValidation annotation to turn on schema validation
    • @DataBinding to set the databinding used (if other than JAXB)
    • @GZIP to turn on GZIP compression
    • @FastInfoset to turn on FastInfoset support
    • @Logging to turn on and control various Logging functionality
    • @EndpointProperty to configure endpoint properties
    • @Policy to associate WS-Policy documents with the service
    • SOAP/JMS spec implementation. While CXF has supported SOAP over JMS since 2.0, there wasn’t a standard specification to describe how it
      should be done so different vendors did things differently and
      interoperability was impossible. The new SOAP/JMS specification
      support implements the new SOAP/JMS spec to achieve a higher
      degree of interoperability.
    • SDO databinding
    • Schema Validation support for Aegis Databinding if Woodstox 4 is used for the Stax parser

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Unsupported Operation 14

Following on from yesterdays short "no news" news show - we have the real news show.

Theme music is "Emotional Upgrade" by John Zeeley, used under Creative Commons.

Unsupported Operation 13

A short post JavaOne placeholder cast.  Check back tomorrow for the real thing ;-)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Unsupported Operation 12

Java news for Sunday September 12, 2010.

Theme music is "Emotional Upgrade" by John Zeeley, used under Creative Commons.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Unsupported Operation 11

Unsupported Operation Episode 11 (mp3).  Theme music is "Emotion Upgrade" by John Zealey.

Unsupported Operation 10

Sorry for the delay - Mark forgot to post last weeks episode :-) Unsupported Operation 10 (mp3).  Theme music is "Emotion Upgrade" by John Zealey.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Unsupported Operation 9

    Java Maven
    • Maven 3 beta 2 out
    • Maven SCM 1.4 plugin released - no more GIT PUSH!
    • Maven Release plugin (almost) released
    • Maven Surefire 1.6 released (almost)
    • youtrack-maven-plugin 1.0.3 released - weeeeeee
    • Grails 1.3.x got release, 1.2.x didn't due to outstanding issue with functional-testing plugin the are trying to track down
    • Skinny Wars: allows for default dependencies of Grails to be provided, including only plugins and project itself
    • GSPs finally able to get their line numbers correct
    • Groovy++ traits may be making their way into Groovy core
    • Luke Daley releases a Groovy DSL for Selenium 2 called Geb. Integrates with Spock and Grails.
    Clojure Scala Tools Other
    • First trojan hit Android phones this month When installing apps, be careful of the permissions!
    • Also fake Tweetdeck appeared for sale in the Android marketplace as well ( Tweetdeck is darn nice too! )

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Unsupported Operation Episode 8

Unsupported Operation 8 (mp3)

    Java / Tools
    • Brian Goetz gets made architect of Java by Oracle
    • Mobile: IO library for LWUIT - pretty comprehensive,
    • Mobile: Blackberry 6 Java SDK
    • Java developers remain in demand by a fair margin
    • A talk about the Universal JVM released this week featuring Alex Buckly (spec lead of JVM and java lang). Talks about other langs on JVM and JSR 292. He even *looks* like a wanker.
    • and he gets it wrong with his first optimization - he inlines a public method and removes it.
    • and the interviewer is a dufust
    • Interesting library - DataValve
    • focuses on providing pagination on top of your source of data (be it JPA, CSV, XML, etc) and a query language on top of that data + caching.
    • Most web sites and grids and so forth need to page through data, this provides a common interface.
    • Other Maven developers than Jason Van Zyl told to fuck off.
    • EhCache 2.2 released with support for terabyte data caches and JAAS & ldap integration
    • monitoring
    • multi-data centre support
    • common runtime library
    • new toolkit api designed to share common connections across multiple client types
    • OpenFaces 3.0 EA2 released with better integration with JSF 2.0
    • JPPF 2.2 releases - JPPF is an open source grid computing platform
    • notable as it drops support for JDK 1.5
    • First Spring release for GemFire I have seen, Spring GemFire 1.0.0M1
    • FEST-Assert 1.3 released - with 1.3.1 due early this week due to a introduced NPE Mark found ( darn early adopters! )
    JavaOne news Clojure Groovy
    • Gradle 0.9rc1 out - (improved Eclipse plugin, many bug fixes, better performance, better -t output and single/debug test execution).
    • Grails Maven Plugin 1.3.3 out
    • GMaven 1.3 out but still isn't working in an ideal fashion due to issues with Groovy stub generation for external use.
    • Grails latest revs of 1.2.x and 1.3.x should be out by the time you hear this
    • JavaFX 1.3.1 is out ( new release of Netbeans came out as well with support for 1.3.1 )
    Scala Other
    • Adobe purchased Day Software - a JCR provider. All of Adobe's server side stuff is Java and Day's is all Java.

    • NetBeans 6.9.1 now available for download
    • performance improvements
    • Support for JavaFX 1.3.1 and JavaFX Debugger
    • lots of patches
    • YouTrack 2.1 was released from Jetbrains
    • importing from Trac and CSV
    • Oracle release a plugin pack for Eclipse for Coherence, Weblogic and oddly, Glassfish.
    • Google purchases the Java side of Instantiations - makers of SWT/Swing/GWT Designers for Eclipse. All Java, Eclipse and AJAX stuff goes to Google, Instantiations stays in business focusing on Smalltalk
    • How many people got knocked out in Eclipse by Oracle changing the vendor name for the JDK 6 u21?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Unsupported Operation 7

Unsupported Operation 7 (mp3)

  • Hibernate Search 3.2.1 out.
  • Neo4j 1.1 released - new event system (beforeCommit, onCommit, onRollback), online backups, new graph algorithms package in core.

  • Jetbrains YouTrack back on sale...
  • Project Mojarra - JSF RI gets a new release - 1.2._15 - performance fixes for 1.2.
  • Clojure 1.2 rc 1 released.
  • New releases of Groovy++ - articles top DZone and Alex is chuffed
  • FxObject 0.1 released - JavaFX objects to XML round tripping a breeze (zero code); * Makes asynchronous calls really easy; * Consolidated commands for Http calls with option to plug in request and response builders, content processors and token based substitutable url templates and finally callbacks to update the UI. * Controller framework provides controller chain to organize your UI into pages and modules; * Provides Model View Presenter implementation for the very first time in JavaFX to make your UI lean, mean and clean and easily testable with JUnit and jMock. 0.1 release includes a 50 page user guide and 8 fully working samples demonstrating the usage of the framework. There are big plans for 0.2 and hopefully more people would join and contribute
  • Mirah is interesting in that theres ZERO runtime library. Which is a big win!

  • Seph - Ola Bina's new language - just like Ioki but immutable - I LIKE!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Unsupported Operation 6

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Unsupported Operation 5

Unsupported Operation 5

Big news of the week:

Software unpatentable in NZ


Apache PDFBox 1.2.1 - bug fixes

Apache OpenWebBeans - JSR-299 "Context and Dependency Injection for Java" and JSR-330 "atinject". Incubator project.

Apache Tomcat 6.0.28 released

Selenium 2.0a5 out

Apache JMeter 2.4 out - must be Java 1.5, records HTTPS sessions, supports JUnit 4 annotations, support for javax.script, new samplers and additions to samplers for Mail, SMTP, JMS (not loosing messages).

Sonar 2.2 released -

Project Coin updates with resource statements? this done?

JSF 2.1 now in Glassfish nightlies. Mostly performance enhancements from 1.2 contributed by Oracle.



Clojure 1.2 Beta 1 released


Scala - Play for Scala 0.7 out

Scala 2.8 final out (and Martin indicates he is leaving University to form a commercial support company for Scala - do you have evidence of this apart from the comment on uncle bob's ( name?) blog? ) No, do you think its fake?

Maciej Matyjas gave a talk on "Scaling Web Apps with Akka" for LSUG at Skillsmatter in London. The video and slides are online

Scala IDE has gone final for 2.8.0 - blog.

Every man and his dog have updated their libraries to run with 2.8 - (scalasti 0.4.1,classutil 0.2.1,grizzled-slf4j 0.2.4,avsl 0.2.4,Grizzled Scala 0.7.3,logula 1.0.3)


FEST’s JavaFX Compiler Maven Plug-in 1.0b2




New book, Groovy for DSLs

Gaelyk hits 0.4.2. 0.4 introduced plugins, 0.41 performane improvements and tracking GAE API, and 0.4.2 bug fixes.



Pretext released - automatticaly intercept and reply to SMS messages when driving.

Symbian^3 now supports CLDC - plus a whole heap of other mobile related JSRs



Green Hopper 5.1 now out

SourceForge 2.0 now offers SVN, CVS, Git, Mercurial and Bazaar. DVCS byebye!

JetBrains YouTrack taken off the (for sale) market....

Atlassian get USD 58M in funding


Dunce of the week

Roo gets its own book and podcast. Shoulda been called RooPood.