Monday, August 2, 2010

Unsupported Operation 7

Unsupported Operation 7 (mp3)

  • Hibernate Search 3.2.1 out.
  • Neo4j 1.1 released - new event system (beforeCommit, onCommit, onRollback), online backups, new graph algorithms package in core.

  • Jetbrains YouTrack back on sale...
  • Project Mojarra - JSF RI gets a new release - 1.2._15 - performance fixes for 1.2.
  • Clojure 1.2 rc 1 released.
  • New releases of Groovy++ - articles top DZone and Alex is chuffed
  • FxObject 0.1 released - JavaFX objects to XML round tripping a breeze (zero code); * Makes asynchronous calls really easy; * Consolidated commands for Http calls with option to plug in request and response builders, content processors and token based substitutable url templates and finally callbacks to update the UI. * Controller framework provides controller chain to organize your UI into pages and modules; * Provides Model View Presenter implementation for the very first time in JavaFX to make your UI lean, mean and clean and easily testable with JUnit and jMock. 0.1 release includes a 50 page user guide and 8 fully working samples demonstrating the usage of the framework. There are big plans for 0.2 and hopefully more people would join and contribute
  • Mirah is interesting in that theres ZERO runtime library. Which is a big win!

  • Seph - Ola Bina's new language - just like Ioki but immutable - I LIKE!