Thursday, December 16, 2010

Unsupported Operation Episode 22

Unsupported Operation Episode 22.

Java / Tools



  • Groovy ++ released, accepted that it needs to be Groovy rather than Groovy/Java mix
  • Peter Niederweiser of Spock fame joins Gradle team
  • Groovy 1.7.5 feature gets around not being able to exit from closures in a loop (findResult)




  • Android 2.3 released to developers, first device (Nexus-S) ships on Dec 16th in US, Nexus 1 should start rolling out soon according to the team
  • New Maps app with 3d buildings and stuff for new 2.3 release
  • New Marketplace - returning the app for refund drops from 24 hrs to 15 mins!!


  • Amazon Releases S3 Large Object storage now allows objects up to 5Tb in size