Sunday, August 15, 2010

Unsupported Operation 9

    Java Maven
    • Maven 3 beta 2 out
    • Maven SCM 1.4 plugin released - no more GIT PUSH!
    • Maven Release plugin (almost) released
    • Maven Surefire 1.6 released (almost)
    • youtrack-maven-plugin 1.0.3 released - weeeeeee
    • Grails 1.3.x got release, 1.2.x didn't due to outstanding issue with functional-testing plugin the are trying to track down
    • Skinny Wars: allows for default dependencies of Grails to be provided, including only plugins and project itself
    • GSPs finally able to get their line numbers correct
    • Groovy++ traits may be making their way into Groovy core
    • Luke Daley releases a Groovy DSL for Selenium 2 called Geb. Integrates with Spock and Grails.
    Clojure Scala Tools Other
    • First trojan hit Android phones this month When installing apps, be careful of the permissions!
    • Also fake Tweetdeck appeared for sale in the Android marketplace as well ( Tweetdeck is darn nice too! )