Monday, November 29, 2010

Unsupported Operation Episode 20

Episode 20 (mp3).


Java and Tools



  • Oracle tsks everyone who voted against Hologic (Henriks post)
  • Apache responds by saying if the JCP Eecuutive doesn’t re-confirm the requirement by Oracle (which
    Oracle itself supported before buying Sun) to get an unencumbered TCK then it will leave the JCP
  • Kirk Pepperdine responds that Apache
    (a non profit organisation funded by (among others) Microsoft and IBM, but not Oracle) should sue them
    and then proceeds to say what good guys the ex-Sun now-Oracle guys are (which has nothing to do with the
    first part of his email), completely ignoring that Oracle is a company first and people second.
  • Oracle and Apple announce Apple is “joining” the OpenJDK
    and providing the source for its jdk. Please note the reference to Apple’s “magical iPad” on the press release page.
    This brings to three the big players in OpenJDK - Oracle(Sun), Apple and IBM.
  • Google fires back at Oracle in the lawsuit reaffirming the patents are invalid and specifying the source code Oracle
    provides as proof of copyright violation is (a) missing the header information and (b) not committed to Android by
    itself (Google). Google refers to Sun’s violation of TCK terms and thus scuppering of Apache Harmony’s ability to
    be a recognized Java implementation in its brief.



  • Groovy ++ marches towards 0.5


Theme music is “Emotional Upgrade” by John Zeeley, used under Creative Commons.