Sunday, February 26, 2012

Episode 66

Unsupported Operation 66




Active Google Code

Active Github Projects

  • Jetbrais Kotlin
    • Interesting that James Strachan, Groovy Creator is a committer for the language/libraries.  Moved on from Scala love then?
  • Java Chronicle
    • This library is an ultra low latency, high throughput, persisted, messaging and event driven in memory database.  The typical latency is as low at 16 nano-seconds and supports throughputs of 5-20 million messages/record updates per second.
  • Action Bar Sherlock
    • Use the action bar in all versions of Android, uses native ActionBar when available, or automatically wrapping your existing layouts when not.  Version 4.0 coming soon with Ice Cream Sandwich action bar.
  • Microsoft Translator Java API