Monday, September 5, 2011

Episode 51

Unsupported Operation 51










Apache Maven / Sonatype

  • The vote has passed 12/22 PMC members to release Apache Maven 3.0.4 with an EPL Aether/Sisu binary dependency - as soon as these two libraries official EPL/Ecipse released artifacts the maven release can go ahead.  *YAY*
  • Maven Archetype Plugin version 2.1 - you can now filter the archetype list!
  • Maven jar plugin, version 2.3.2 and maven-archiver 2.4.2 - Specific news for this release is the support for java7 file attributes, which can give a noticeable performance boost on linux and mac running java7. Certain performance improvements can also be expected on Java1.5/Java6 on linux and mac. Both releases require java 1.5 or newer.
  • maven-deploy-plugin 2.7, maven-gpg-plugin 1.4
  • maven-compiler-plugin has issues with JDK7’s javac output. A new version of the plugin is due hopefully this/next week with a fix for this.
  • SQL Maven Plugin version 1.5
  • Selenium Maven Plugin 2.0 - updated to selenium sever 2.2.0, support for passing system properties
  • Maven Site Plugin version 3.0 and Maven Reporting Exec version 1.0.1
  • AspectJ Maven Plugin version 1.4
  • nbm-maven-plugin 3.6 ( netbeans module plugin )
  • webtest-maven-plugin version 1.0.0 - runs canoo web test
  • Nexus
  • Sonar 2.10 released - internationalization, manual measures, notifications

Android / Google