Sunday, August 14, 2011

Episode 49

Unsupported Operation 49


  • Java 7 Q&A
  • - Light Weight User Interface Toolkit, good discussion/interview about the featues of the update on the latest Java Spotlight podcast.
  • Tattletale - Dependency discovery tool
  • Pulse CI Server 2.4
  • TorqueBox 1.1.1 - JRuby based AppServer built upon JBoss AS Server - updated to JRuby 1.6.3, improved support for Rails 3.1,


  • IDEA 10.5.2 EAP 107.509 - The most important thing to note about this build is that Jetbrains finally tracked down the cause of the problem causing stale error markers to remain in the editor, and we hope that it has now been fixed. So please test and report.
  • Source of StarTeam plugin released - whats interesting about this is the mentioning of the Jetbrains Github account which houses a lot of tools, including the Clojure plugin, which is seeing updates/commits here - more so than the old repository I originally knew about. Youtrack-vcs-hooks project looks really interesting.


  • JSP files with dependencies in JARs are no longer recompiled on every access thereby improving performance.
  • Update to version 1.1.22 of the native component of the AJP and HTTP APR/native connectors.
  • Update to Commons Daemon 1.0.7.
  • Apache Commons Daemon 1.07 fixing below vulnerabilities
  • Apache Commons Daemon vulnerability - affects Tomcat 7.0 - 7.0.19, Tomcat 6.0.30 - 6.0.32, 5.5.32 - 5.5.33
    • Due to a bug in the capabilities code, jsvc (the service wrapper for
    • Linux that is part of the Commons Daemon project) does not drop
    • capabilities allowing the application to access files and directories
    • owned by superuser. This vulnerability only applies if:
    • a) Tomcat is running on a Linux operating system
    • b) jsvc was compiled with libcap
    • c) -user parameter is used
    • The Tomcat versions above shipped with source files for jsvc that included this vulnerability.



  • Unlock with Wifi - disable your lockcode when connected to certain wifi networks.  handy.
  • Cling 1.0 - Java/Android UPnP library/tool stack for discovering, and uses UPnP devices/services.
  • Spirit HD - awesome addictive game


  • Thoughtworks proves yet again its a bunch of tired has-been hacks with its Technology Radar. I suspect its “Radar” is pointing up  the arse of Martin Fowler to come up with this tosh.
  • coffeescript-maven-plugin 1.3 released - now expirimenting with native compilation support to .class files - why - I’m crazy mad :)
  • Mindmeister launched new site/app