Sunday, August 7, 2011

Episode 48

Unsupported Operation 48



  • JCS (java caching) and BCEL moved to Apache Commons
  • Apache LDAP API 1.0-M6 released - this is their new client library
  • Apache Commons Compress 1.2, bug fixes, announcement of EOL for Java 1.4 with this release
  • Apache James jDKIM 0.2 - support for verification and signing for maillets
  • Apache HttpComponents HttpCore 4.1.3 GA released


  • Gaelyk 1.0
  • Groovy with a static mode - I think  the chosen name is extremely rude and obnoxious
    • Not being statically typed is a connoisseurs criticism, and connoisseurs generally chase after things that are interesting rather than good”
    • “In my opinion there are three large barriers to Groovy adoption in the mainstream: performance, tooling, and bugs”
    • Jochen clarified saying the mode would be @StaticTyped or similar and would not provide anything other than compilation errors - no performance improvements. Much of the work is already done in Eclipse so it would be pulling that out.

Patent Talk

  • Microsoft reveals they invited Google to the consortium to buy the Novell patents - Google saw it as a trap (groklaw) as did everyone else.