Sunday, May 22, 2011

Episode 39 - Ooh yeah!

Episode 39.

From the Software Gardeners.

Java / Tools / Misc

  • Spark is a new Micro web framework inspired by Sinatra ( ruby )
  • Springsource has put up a roadmap talk for 3.2 and beyond
  • Oracle proposes changes to JCP
    • all discussions must take place in public (no closed discussions)
    • make JSRs update more often
    • Kill ones that drag (e.g. 294 - OSGI)
    • J2ME and j2SE merged into one group
    • Further changes promised to address some of Apache’s concerns
    • Cameron Purdy from Oracle indicates current JSRs won’t change to new rules
  • JRockit is now free
  • Groovy + 0.4.243 released - getting closer to the 0.5 release
  • JUnitParams is a new way of doing parameterized JUnit tests - looks very much like TestNG data providers.
  • JMongoBrowser is a GUI app for managing a MonoDB cluster
  • Concordion Extensions 1.0.2 released by Nigel Charman
  • GAE moves out of Preview and into a more pay as you go model
  • Free Apps: Similar to the Free Apps of today but with more restrictive quotas
  • Paid Apps: Similar to Apps which have Billing Enabled today, except they will have a 99.95% SLA and cost $9/app/month in addition to usage fees. Customers will need to opt-in to this.
  • Premier Accounts: A new offering which will allow a company to not pay for individual Apps but rather use as many as they need. Premier Accounts will be eligible to receive Operational Support for $500/month in addition to usage fees.
  • ThoughtWorks tries to gain traction for Go (ex-Cruise). Not to be confused with Go or Go!
  • James Gosling wishes he was able to push out an update to 1.4.2 to cause it to just die.
  • Tomcat 7 adds “Crawler Valve” to limit resource sucking


  • JavaScript debugger in Google Chrome / htaccess support / HTML tag tree highlighting / Easier code completion that does not require you to press Shift for uppercase letters / Reworked UI for Search/Replace / New Diff tools for comparing directories, images and DB's / 'Change Signature' refactoring for JavaScript / Misc. improvements for all supported VCS and noticeable improvements in performance



  • I wasn’t aware of this patent battle - Microsoft vs i4i which involves RedHat and Google and Apple and Intel on M$’s side, and US govt and pharms on other.
  • Remember Me - Macho Man Randy Savage