Monday, March 21, 2011

Unsupported Operation Episode 32

Episode 32.

Java / Tools

  • Java EE 7 Spec gets unanimous approval
  • Nothing will impact Java developers more than the formal release of IE9
    • IE8 and Safari own pwn’d in the pwntoown, Firefox and Chrome did not, even with Chrome’s 20k bounty.
    • Chrome didn’t fall, but Google patched the Pwn2Own Webkit bug in chrome. The bug was in WebKit and was
      used to exploit the Blackberry RIM Torch phone. Since it was in WebKit, Google patched it for Chrome.
  • Firefox 4 will be out shortly
  • TestNG 6.0 - one thing I never mentioned during the recording
    was that TestNG fully supports and runs JUnit 3.x tests for backwards compatibility.
  • Apache Lenya 2.0.6 released
  • exo launches 3.5 of its cloud platform and Cloud IDE targeted at Java, Groovy,
    Javascript, CSS and HTML. exo uses the Affero general public license.
  • JavaATE - another layer on top of Java projects
  • Josh Marinachi starts releasing new Java UI libraries in Amino and Animo.js
  • Jappstart
    similar to AppFuse but for the Google App Engine - uses Spring, Spring Security, Sitemesh




Jenkins / Hudson / Continuous Integration

Non JDK Languages