Sunday, May 26, 2013

Episode 84

Unsupported Operation 84


  • Not really “new”, but I rediscovered the fact that since Git 1.8.2, that submodules now support following a branch rather than a fixed commit SHA1 - this actually makes them somewhat usable.
  • JDK8 Build 91 available - Sadly, this didn't fix my method handle issue.
  • Atlassian JIRA 6 was released - teases with Bamboo 5 updates
  • Yourkit Profiler 2013 EAP launched, personal licences only US$99 until June 4, 2013.
  • Spring 4 announced, indicates support for JSE8 and Groovy 2 as the first class language, pushing Groovy 2 bigtime.
  • Action Launcher Pro 1.7 for Android was released - best launcher ever. Adds support for icon packs and just makes it that bit more... awesome.
  • Big changes for Redline Smalltalk - now scans classpath for .st files, so works nicely with artifacts/jar files etc. etc.
  • Google Code removes file downloads

Maven - Spotlight Plugin of the Week

  • maven-shade-plugin


  • Apache Maven 3.1-alpha-1 available for testing/voting. Release Notes.
  • Maven ShadePlugin, version 2,1 supporting the above 3.1 release
  • Open Web Beans 1.2
  • Apache Ant 1.9.1
  • Apache Wicket 6.8
  • Commons-Logging 1.1.3 (please still remove it from your archives)
  • Subversion 1.8-rc2
  • JSPWiki incubating 2.9.1


  • MD did a short clojure-maven-plugin history presentation at the 2nd Auckland Clojure Meetup, this seems to have awaked the bug reporters...
  • Released 1.3.16 and then followed up with 1.3.17 of the clojure-maven-plugin