Sunday, August 29, 2010

Unsupported Operation 11

Unsupported Operation Episode 11 (mp3).  Theme music is "Emotion Upgrade" by John Zealey.

Unsupported Operation 10

Sorry for the delay - Mark forgot to post last weeks episode :-) Unsupported Operation 10 (mp3).  Theme music is "Emotion Upgrade" by John Zealey.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Unsupported Operation 9

    Java Maven
    • Maven 3 beta 2 out
    • Maven SCM 1.4 plugin released - no more GIT PUSH!
    • Maven Release plugin (almost) released
    • Maven Surefire 1.6 released (almost)
    • youtrack-maven-plugin 1.0.3 released - weeeeeee
    • Grails 1.3.x got release, 1.2.x didn't due to outstanding issue with functional-testing plugin the are trying to track down
    • Skinny Wars: allows for default dependencies of Grails to be provided, including only plugins and project itself
    • GSPs finally able to get their line numbers correct
    • Groovy++ traits may be making their way into Groovy core
    • Luke Daley releases a Groovy DSL for Selenium 2 called Geb. Integrates with Spock and Grails.
    Clojure Scala Tools Other
    • First trojan hit Android phones this month When installing apps, be careful of the permissions!
    • Also fake Tweetdeck appeared for sale in the Android marketplace as well ( Tweetdeck is darn nice too! )

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Unsupported Operation Episode 8

Unsupported Operation 8 (mp3)

    Java / Tools
    • Brian Goetz gets made architect of Java by Oracle
    • Mobile: IO library for LWUIT - pretty comprehensive,
    • Mobile: Blackberry 6 Java SDK
    • Java developers remain in demand by a fair margin
    • A talk about the Universal JVM released this week featuring Alex Buckly (spec lead of JVM and java lang). Talks about other langs on JVM and JSR 292. He even *looks* like a wanker.
    • and he gets it wrong with his first optimization - he inlines a public method and removes it.
    • and the interviewer is a dufust
    • Interesting library - DataValve
    • focuses on providing pagination on top of your source of data (be it JPA, CSV, XML, etc) and a query language on top of that data + caching.
    • Most web sites and grids and so forth need to page through data, this provides a common interface.
    • Other Maven developers than Jason Van Zyl told to fuck off.
    • EhCache 2.2 released with support for terabyte data caches and JAAS & ldap integration
    • monitoring
    • multi-data centre support
    • common runtime library
    • new toolkit api designed to share common connections across multiple client types
    • OpenFaces 3.0 EA2 released with better integration with JSF 2.0
    • JPPF 2.2 releases - JPPF is an open source grid computing platform
    • notable as it drops support for JDK 1.5
    • First Spring release for GemFire I have seen, Spring GemFire 1.0.0M1
    • FEST-Assert 1.3 released - with 1.3.1 due early this week due to a introduced NPE Mark found ( darn early adopters! )
    JavaOne news Clojure Groovy
    • Gradle 0.9rc1 out - (improved Eclipse plugin, many bug fixes, better performance, better -t output and single/debug test execution).
    • Grails Maven Plugin 1.3.3 out
    • GMaven 1.3 out but still isn't working in an ideal fashion due to issues with Groovy stub generation for external use.
    • Grails latest revs of 1.2.x and 1.3.x should be out by the time you hear this
    • JavaFX 1.3.1 is out ( new release of Netbeans came out as well with support for 1.3.1 )
    Scala Other
    • Adobe purchased Day Software - a JCR provider. All of Adobe's server side stuff is Java and Day's is all Java.

    • NetBeans 6.9.1 now available for download
    • performance improvements
    • Support for JavaFX 1.3.1 and JavaFX Debugger
    • lots of patches
    • YouTrack 2.1 was released from Jetbrains
    • importing from Trac and CSV
    • Oracle release a plugin pack for Eclipse for Coherence, Weblogic and oddly, Glassfish.
    • Google purchases the Java side of Instantiations - makers of SWT/Swing/GWT Designers for Eclipse. All Java, Eclipse and AJAX stuff goes to Google, Instantiations stays in business focusing on Smalltalk
    • How many people got knocked out in Eclipse by Oracle changing the vendor name for the JDK 6 u21?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Unsupported Operation 7

Unsupported Operation 7 (mp3)

  • Hibernate Search 3.2.1 out.
  • Neo4j 1.1 released - new event system (beforeCommit, onCommit, onRollback), online backups, new graph algorithms package in core.

  • Jetbrains YouTrack back on sale...
  • Project Mojarra - JSF RI gets a new release - 1.2._15 - performance fixes for 1.2.
  • Clojure 1.2 rc 1 released.
  • New releases of Groovy++ - articles top DZone and Alex is chuffed
  • FxObject 0.1 released - JavaFX objects to XML round tripping a breeze (zero code); * Makes asynchronous calls really easy; * Consolidated commands for Http calls with option to plug in request and response builders, content processors and token based substitutable url templates and finally callbacks to update the UI. * Controller framework provides controller chain to organize your UI into pages and modules; * Provides Model View Presenter implementation for the very first time in JavaFX to make your UI lean, mean and clean and easily testable with JUnit and jMock. 0.1 release includes a 50 page user guide and 8 fully working samples demonstrating the usage of the framework. There are big plans for 0.2 and hopefully more people would join and contribute
  • Mirah is interesting in that theres ZERO runtime library. Which is a big win!

  • Seph - Ola Bina's new language - just like Ioki but immutable - I LIKE!