Sunday, April 14, 2013

Episode 79

Unsupported Operation 79





  • 2.1.3 available


  • HttpClient 4.2.4 released
  • Maven Compiler 3.1 released
  • Maven Surefire 2.14.1
  • Maven Shared Utils 0.4
  • Wink 1.3.0 - Apache Wink is a simple yet solid framework for building RESTful Web services. It is comprised of a Server module and a Client module for developing and consuming RESTful Web services
  • Apache PDF Box 1.8.1
  • Apache Wookie 0.14 - Apache Wookie is a Java server application that allows you to upload and deploy widgets for your applications; widgets can not only include all the usual kinds of mini-applications, badges, and gadgets, but also fully-collaborative applications such as chats, quizzes, and games. Wookie is based on the W3C Widgets specification, but widgets can also be included that use extended APIs such as Google Wave Gadgets and OpenSocial
  • Apache CouchDB 1.3.0
  • Apache Struts 1 end of life - going to the Attic
  • Apache cTAKES becomes a top level project: (clinical Text Analysis and Knowledge Extraction System) is an Open Source natural language processing system for information extraction from electronic medical record clinical free-text. Widely used in production by numerous organisations across the healthcare sector, cTAKES was started in 2006 by a team of physicians, computer scientists and software engineers at Mayo Clinic, and was submitted to the Apache Incubator in June 2012
  • Pig 0.11.1
  • Apache Bloodhound 0.5.2 is a tool to track progress and defects in software products. Sits on Trac.
  • The Apache Accumulo 1.4.3 - sorted, distributed key/value store is a robust,scalable, high performance data storage system that features cell-based access control and customizable server-side processing. It is based on Google's BigTable design and is built on top of Apache Hadoop, Zookeeper, and Thrift.
  • Apache Syncope 1.0.7 is an Open Source system for managing digital identities in enterprise environments, implemented in JEE technology Apache Commons-FileUpload 1.3 - bug fixes, enhancements, drops pre 1.5 support
  • Apache Rave 0.20.2 is a new web and social mashup engine. It provides an out-of-the-box, as well as extendible, lightweight Java platform to host, serve and manage OpenSocial, W3C and other web widgets.