Monday, July 2, 2012

Episode 77

Unsupported Operation 77

General News

Google News

  • IO obviously happened this week:
    • New JellyBean, but not sure what new APIs
      • Cloud messaging grows up
      • Google Now - event reminders with estimated travel times to destination, advance Siri beating voice search etc. etc.
    • New Google TV APIs
    • New YouTube APIs
    • Web Intents
    • Google Compute Engine
    • Adobe has killed Flash for Android 4.1
  • Mark and I used Party Mode on a trip today, worked great! Remember to turn your calendar from “yes accept any and all invitations” to “no” if thats what its setting is and you want to be more careful.
    • Oddly - the photo I took when in Party Mode never uploaded...
  • Google did not gloat at IO about Oracle case as far as I saw
  • GWT 2.5 RC/beta?
    • GWT control seeded to external standards group/organisation/steering committee - Red Hat coming on board, Vaadin, and others
    • Vaadin 7 Alpha 3 also released
      • now includes full GWT for client side JS development, new navigation apis, js execution apis, JS based components,


  • 2.0 released
    • a static type checker to let the compiler tell you about the correctness of your code,
    • static compilation for the performance of the critical parts of your application,
    • modularity, splitting the Groovy JAR into smaller feature-oriented JARs and letting you create your own extension modules,
    • JDK 7 Project Coin syntax enhancements, so that Groovy is still as friendly as possible with its Java cousin,
    • and JDK 7 Invoke Dynamic integration to benefit from the support of the JVM for dynamic languages.
  • Grails 2.1.0-RC3
  • Did we say Gradle went 1.0?

Apache News


  • Amazon EC2 down and took out Instagram, Netflix, and lots of others, followed up by a leap second bug taking out java apps everywhere - YAY.